About Us

Hope Church is a fellowship of Christians in Colorado Springs who worship in family-integrated style on Sundays, disciple their own families throughout the week, and minister in various ways from their homes as each family feels led.


We envision a congregation of families that honors Jesus Christ by embracing Christ-centered, parent-directed Sunday worship, home discipleship, and daily ministries carried out through the family.


Hope Church exists to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and extend the Kingdom of God. This is primarily accomplished as the families gather for worship, as the parents disciple the next generation of Christians, and as the individual believers are challenged to serve the spiritual and physical needs of those they encounter.

Sunday Worship

Our weekly worship services are intended to glorify God for His majesty and grace, as well as encourage the church to live in faithful obedience to Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the most visible activity of the Hope family and it is meant to be a culminating event for the discipleship taking place in the home. The format of our service is a blended style that incorporates music from all generations and Biblical teaching, with prayer and communion shared together as families.

Home Discipleship

Our families are committed to shepherding their children to profess faith in Jesus, grow in wisdom and maturity, and become competent Christian disciples. It is a commitment to develop a Christian worldview that brings every thought, word, and action captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

Daily Ministry

Our congregation is not dependent on church sponsored “programs” to disciple or reach out to the lost. This congregation does not look to the “professionals” to care for the needy. The primary mission and evangelical efforts of the church take place as each family identifies the needs around them and responds with the Gospel (through witnessing, works of service, financial support, pastoral care, etc).

The church body encourages these efforts through public awareness, congregational promotion, and practical support to ensure every family is informed of the ministry opportunities available.